For elementary
school PTAs,
& teachers

Elementary PTAs, administrators & teachers

A thriving parent community
leads to greater volunteering,
more effective fundraising
and healthier, happier kids.

Create a beautiful, free
class directory

Get out of spreadsheets and Google
docs, and bring your classrooms to
life with Honeycomb’s easy to use

Families can upload photos, add
siblings and use the directory to get
the contact info of any participating

Empower your room parents
to do their job successfully

From building community via social gatherings, to fostering friendships amongst kids through playdates, to getting parent volunteers to help with projects and events, Honeycomb massively reduces room parents’ scheduling and administrative tasks.

And it saves parents time by radically simplifying scheduling through a clever approach to kids’ calendars, while meeting parents where they are by communicating mobile-first.

Foster much-wanted
connection without
needing online moderation

We believe kids and parents thrive when they build deep, trusted communities both inside and outside the classroom. Honeycomb empowers classroom parents to quickly build healthy social ties with each other through playdates and family gatherings.

While most early education apps focus on virtual messaging, often requiring moderation, Honeycomb builds community exclusively through in-real-life gatherings and shared parenting logistics, fostering a return to well-being, connection and goodwill.

Help parents help
each other (and take some
pressure off the school!)

Honeycomb’s shared parenting tools helps parents coordinate carpooling, swap after-school care and take turns getting kids to/from school and activities.

Unlocking your community’s shared parenting capacity allows parents to better manage school closures and development days as well as their own work and parenting demands, all while giving them more time to get involved with school and benefit from the feeling supported by their school community.

How to get started

Designate a Honeycomb leader for your classroom –– this can be a room parent, PTA member, teacher or administrator.

Create a name for your group, such as “Parkside Kinders” or “Ms Kays Third Grade.”

Honeycomb provides the leader with a unique download link to send to parents. Parents are asked to add their name and phone number, or, you can provide us with the names and numbers of the class, and we can build the directory for you.

When a parent sets up their profile on Honeycomb, they are prompted to add basic info about each child they’d like included in their family profile, and to share their general availability for playdates and shared parenting.

Your group can start organizing magically easy gatherings and school events from day one!

Ready to join us or have more questions? Contact to get help or get started!


What’s the cost?

Honeycomb is entirely free for schools and families to use.

Who leads a Honeycomb group?

That’s entirely up to you! Many busy PTA and school administrative leaders tap a room parent to create the group, onboard the parents and organize activities, while others prefer for teachers or admins to take on this role. Once your group is started, any parent is empowered to create their own activities and many groups take off entirely on their own.

Should I make a group for my whole school, or each individual class?

Honeycomb works best with groups of between 5 and 25 families, and we recommend setting up a group for each class.

Is our contact information privacy protected?

Absolutely. Your privacy is important to us. Per our terms of service, Honeycomb will never share the names or phone numbers of our users.