Unlock participation and lower your workload with the
smart Honeycomb Calendar.

Unlock participation and lower your workload with the
smart Honeycomb Calendar.

Let Honeycomb be your sidekick

Frustrated by emails that get no response? Events with low turnout? Sign-ups with no signatures?

Let Worker Bee, Honeycomb’s AI assistant, keep your Honeycomb Calendar always up-to-date by automatically extracting key dates and to-dos from the newsletters and emails you’re already sending.

"With Honeycomb, I don’t have to send that email 85 times. Everyone is talking about events and tasks on Honeycomb, so there’s a collaborative buzz from the community figuring out stuff together, which really lightens my workload.”

––Megan Eskander, Director of The Montessori House of St Johns

How Worker Bee, Honeycomb’s AI assistant, reduces your workload:

First, sign up your school for Honeycomb.

Step 1:

Upload your digital school calendar via the Honeycomb app. It only takes a minute, auto-syncs whenever you update your school calendar, and creates a baseline for your Honeycomb Calendar.

Step 2:

Add your school’s unique Worker Bee email –– you can also find it in the app –– to your newsletter and school-wide email distribution lists. (If you use an app for updates, we can help get you set up at

Step 3:

Whenever Worker Bee receives one of your update emails, it automatically extracts all dates and their need-to-know details (time, location, links, description) to the Honeycomb app.

You review and publish dates and details to your school’s Honeycomb Calendar. It takes less than a minute!

Sit back and let Honeycomb nudge parents and nurture participation.

Step 4:

Embed the Honeycomb Calendar on your website. We’ll share the embed code for your Honeycomb Calendar when you set up your school.

Parents can also sync the Honeycomb Calendar to their personal calendar.