Be supportive

Every day, families use Honeycomb to team up to reduce the mental load of activity planning, save time and money on childcare, and strengthen ties by getting together IRL. To achieve these collective wins, it’s important that all members of your Honeycomb group feel safe and supported.

These guidelines share what is and is not welcome on our platform. If content you post violates these guidelines, you may lose access to Honeycomb. We recognize every community is unique, and encourage groups to create additional, personalized guidelines for how they want to communicate and engage on Honeycomb.

What’s always welcome on Honeycomb

☕️ Using Honeycomb to get together IRL

We believe time spent together in real life is foundational to healthy community, so we make gathering easy via our invitation and shared calendar tools. May your potlucks, playdates and park meetups be plentiful! We also recognize the the limits of online discourse. Feeling super fired up about the school board meeting? Use Honeycomb to get parents together to talk about it in person.

♻️ Asking + offering help

Our generation of parents is spending double the hours parenting, with less support than ever. Your Honeycomb crew can help you flip this narrative, but to start we’ve got to shake the stigma around asking for help. Asking for help can be hard, but it opens the door to strong relationships –– and recent research shows people are happy to give it.

🎤 Speaking up

We get it… putting yourself out there to fellow parents can be a bit nerve racking, but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Introduce your fam, break the ice, ask for advice, send that open invite to the playground. Community starts with action, not an empty chat room.

♥️ Acting with kindness + courtesy

Follow a line from your own parenting playbook, and treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself. It’s that simple. Throw a 👍 on a fellow parents’ post, respond to RSVPs, and assume good intent.

What’s never OK on Honeycomb

❌ Hate

We have zero-tolerance for any content that attacks, marginalizes or promotes discrimination towards an individual or groups based on their their race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status, immigration status, or financial means.

🤬 Harassment and bullying

We have zero-tolerance for bullying or harassment of parents or families on Honeycomb, which includes use of abusive language.

🙉 Misinformation

We don’t permit sharing content that is inaccurate and has the potential to cause harm to a community, such as verified conspiracy theories.

🤐 Disrespecting privacy

What’s shared on Honeycomb stays on Honeycomb unless there’s explicit permission between families to share info or photos.

If you see behavior that doesn’t follow our community guidelines, please contact us directly at All reports are kept confidential. Depending on the situation, a parent may get a warning, or be removed from the platform.

Our moderation policies focus on the health of the parent community. We recognize every community is different, and your parent association or group leadership may elect to create additional moderation guidelines. However, Honeycomb will only moderate content and behavior that is in conflict with the Honeycomb community guidelines, as described here.