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For early childhood

When your parents connect, your preschool thrives

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“Honeycomb has brought out the best in our parent community.

It's made my job of enabling my Directors so much more rewarding, and made our parents more committed to our program. Honeycomb has also taken pressure off our teachers and saved them time by empowering parents to be self-sufficient –– not to mention more supportive of our team.”

– Garrett Wilhelm, CEO of Creative Gardens / founder of Ohana School

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Why Honeycomb? Watch our video.

Strong schools are built on a foundation of connected parents

Meet Honeycomb:a free, private and easy-to-use class directory & collaboration app that takes parent community building off of preschool directors’ plates.

Unlock the power of your school community by helping parents connect, communicate and support one another. Honeycomb groups are run by parents, not administrators, so all you need to do is invite families to join, and let the group take off from there!

Flourishing parents –– rooted in a strong community –– invest in their school, and help boost your retention and increase referrals.

Get a beautiful, free class directory.

Get out of spreadsheets and Google docs, and end those parent requests for contact info.

Bring your community to life with Honeycomb’s private, easy-to-use directory made up of useful family profiles.

Family accounts also mean no more guessing who the primary parent is –– Honeycomb makes sure both parents see the same stuff.

Empower parents to tackle school communications and calendars, together

School events and tasks getting buried in busy parent email inboxes, or getting minimal traction in your school communication app? Honeycomb is purpose built for how parents communicate today with an interactive, shared calendar that has chat threads and coordination built right in.

Let parents help each other remember and coordinate around the next teacher training day or school event, and see your parent participation rise.

Connect parents with private group chat

Give your parents what they’ve been asking for, and get out of being the go-between.

Honeycomb makes it easy for parents to reach out to the whole class, smaller groups, or message each other 1:1.

Honeycomb chat also includes powerful collaboration tools that help parents share care, plan events and have each other’s backs.

Honeycomb works alongside your school communication tools

It doesn’t replace them. In fact, you’ll see more engagement on your other platforms when you have a thriving parent community on Honeycomb.

“Honeycomb has deepened our parents’ relationships, and strengthened the sense of community and support within our preschool walls."

–– Ani McConnell, Director of Little Village Montessori

"With Honeycomb, I don’t have to send that email 85 times. Everyone is talking about events and tasks on Honeycomb, so there’s a collaborative buzz from the community figuring out stuff together, which really lightens my workload.

I would highly recommend it. And the parents, even the ones who were hesitant about downloading a new app, have liked being able to have it all in one place."

––Megan Eskander, Director of The Montessori House of St Johns

Honeycomb has brought out the best in our parent community. From sharing advice and resources, to handling parenting challenges, to getting together in real life, Honeycomb is our connective tissue.”

––Garrett Wilhelm, CEO of Creative Gardens / founder of Ohana School

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Bringing the joy of Honeycomb to your families at your preschool is ✨free✨and easy!

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