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Why Honeycomb? Watch our video.

Have you noticed how today’s parents seem more overwhelmed than ever before?

That’s because parenting has fundamentally changed. Today’s parents spend twice as many hours parenting as their parents did. It’s no wonder that two-thirds of working parents feel burned out.

Meet Honeycomb: a free, private and easy-to-use chat and collaboration app that builds supportive, healthy parent communities.

Honeycomb is run by parents, so after a one-time set-up, the PTA can be as involved or uninvolved as you like.

Get a beautiful, free
class directory

Get out of spreadsheets, Google docs and those printed directories that wind up lost –– and end those parent requests for contact info.

Bring your community to life with Honeycomb’s private, easy-to-use directory made up of useful profiles.

Connect parents with private group chat

Give your parents what they’ve been asking for.

Honeycomb makes parent collaboration simple through topic-based chat and lightweight groups (parents can reach out to the whole class, smaller groups, or message each other 1:1).

Honeycomb chat also includes powerful collaboration tools that help parents share care, plan events and have each other’s backs.

Help parents help
each other (and take some pressure off the school!)

Honeycomb’s shared parenting tools help parents join forces on activities and summer camps, swap care and shout out deadlines (so no one forgets school picture day again).

Empower your room parents
to do their job successfully

From building community via social gatherings, to fostering friendships amongst kids through playdates, to getting parent volunteers to help with projects and events, Honeycomb massively reduces room parents’ scheduling and administrative tasks.

And it meets parents where they are by communicating mobile-first.

Honeycomb works alongside your school communication tools

It doesn’t replace them. In fact, you’ll see more engagement on your other platforms when you have a thriving parent community on Honeycomb.

How to get started

Bringing the joy of Honeycomb to families at your school is ✨free✨and easy!

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