Social parenting is
joyful parenting

Strong parent
community leads to
more volunteering,
easier fundraising and
healthier, happier kids.


Parent FAQ

Has parenting gotten harder, or is it just me?

It's not you! For human history, parenting has been social –– designed to be shared across families. But over the past few generations, parenting has become measurably harder: parents have doubled the hours they spend parenting, despite families having drastically fewer hours available (well over 70% of families do not have a stay-at-home parent).

Intensive parenting –– combined with a lack of tools and loss of community –– has resulted in parenting becoming friction-filled, logistically challenging, and isolating. We believe that sharing parenting across families is one of the most important ways to make modern parenting joyful again.

What’s shared parenting?

From carpooling to swapping after-school care, shared parenting means being responsible for your own child as well as another child not related to you, without compensation but often with an expectation of taking turns. Hurdles to shared parenting include coordinating schedules, managing logistics and remembering who is on point for what. But now Honeycomb takes care of all that!

How do I invite families to join my Honeycomb group?

You can invite them right from the app using their mobile number. If you don't have their mobile number, Honeycomb can provide a sign-up link to send to your group that connects them directly to your private group.

What’s an ideal group size?

Honeycomb works best with larger groups, like your kid's classroom, club or activity troup, or team. You decide who to invite to your private group –– and we make getting them onboard super easy!

Can I create multiple groups?

Yes! You can create as many groups as you’d like, as long as each group has more than four families who are all connected (via a classroom, neighborhood, team, place of worship, etc.)

What’s the cost?

Honeycomb is free! In the future, we plan to charge for tools that we know save families hours upon hours of time per month.

I’d like to introduce Honeycomb to my entire class, school or daycare, can you help me get set up?

Absolutely! Email and a member of our team will reach out.

Admin FAQ

What’s the cost?

Honeycomb is entirely free for schools and families to use.

Who leads a Honeycomb group?

That’s up to you! We've had preschool directors, teachers, PTA team members and room parents all create groups, onboard the parents and then kick off chats or activities. If you are an admin (not a parent), you can choose whether to participate in Honeycomb or be purely behind the scenes. Once your group is started, any parent is empowered to create their own activities and most groups take off entirely on their own.

Should I make a group for my whole school, or each individual class?

Honeycomb works best with groups of between 5 and 25 families, and we recommend setting up a group for each class. You can also create a macro group for the entire school.

Is our contact information privacy protected?

Absolutely. Your privacy is important to us. Per our terms of service, Honeycomb will never share the names or phone numbers of our users.