Join the Honeycomb Hive,
Help Preschools Thrive

Join the Honeycomb Hive,
Help Preschools Thrive

Bring the ✨ of community
to schools.

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Are you an ECE Director or teacher who cares deeply about your parent community? Do you understand the connection between parent engagement and a thriving school? Do you love building support networks & sharing resources that help schools do more, with less work? 🏦

Join the Honeycomb Hive, a group of education leaders that play an important role in bringing the ✨ of community to more schools.

Read on to learn more and schedule an intro call with the Honeycomb Team today.

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Who can be a Honeycomb Hive ambassador?

Honeycomb Hive ambassadors are new and existing Honeycomb users who play an active role in introducing the app to relevant members of their communities, such as fellow preschool directors and PTA members.

Warm introductions from schools already using Honeycomb, who can speak to their experience, are a powerful tool in building trust and opening doors to new communities that will benefit from Honeycomb. Hive members play an important role as the connective tissue between the Honeycomb team and members of their community, and are rewarded for their time and effort!

Do I have to be an existing Honeycomb user to become a Hive member?

Nope! If your school is not currently using Honeycomb, your first step will just be creating and onboarding your own school group (which you will get rewarded for). Then, you’ll start spreading the word to others.

What’s in it for the Hive? 👀

💴 Compensation: We know from personal experience that today’s educators and administrators are some of the busiest people in the history of the world. Honeycomb recognizes the time and effort our Hive members put into their work with the following:

  • $100 for getting your own school on the Honeycomb app and attending a 30 min training call.
  • $150 per preschool and $200 per elementary school onboarded.

👩🏽‍💻 Professional development: By joining our early Hive community, you’ll be getting hands on experience at a tech startup. Build and strengthen your evangelism and relationship management skills, and get direct exposure to the product development process. You can put your role on your resume, mention it in job interviews, or just feel proud to be a founding member the first ever community of co-parenting champions. And as our community grows, there may be an opportunity to apply for more formal roles within the company.

I’m busy as *#@!, what is the time commitment and what does success look like?

You can put as little or as much time into the Ambassador role as you have available. You’ll attend a quick kick-off call, and then your participation is totally on your own schedule and terms. It can be as light as sending and responding several emails and joining a call here or there, to being more hands on if you have a lot of potential groups to engage with and bring on.

Our goal is to have each Hive member be able to bring at least three new school groups onto Honeycomb, but the sky is the limit. We’ve had a single member of our community use their network to bring on 12 new schools!

How it works in five easy steps:

  • Attend a 30 minute kick off Zoom meeting with a Honeycomb team member to talk through the program resources, answer any questions and ensure you have everything you need to get going. We’ll also help you get your own school or class group started, if you haven’t yet.
  • Create a list of potential contacts who could benefit from Honeycomb (don’t worry, we have a a list of ideas to get your wheels turning).
  • Reach out to your list with resources Honeycomb provides. You can customize and send your outreach via text, email, social media posts, or however you connect with your parent people.
  • If your contact is interested in learning more, you‘ll connect them with the Honeycomb team and support them them as they explore and consider the app. Our team handles the demo and FAQs.
  • When your connection creates group, and successfully launches, you receive your reward 🎉! And you can serve as a liaison to your contact to make make sure their launch goes smoothly, and help them kick start early engagement.
  • … then rinse and repeat! 💆🏽‍♀️

    Interested in learning more? Set up an intro meeting with our Community Lead today!

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