Never miss another date.
Never add details to your calendar again.
Get your parent crew on the same page.

Never miss another date.
Never add details to your calendar again.
Get your parent crew on the same page.

Let Honeycomb be your email sidekick

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Overwhelmed by frequent emails from your school or club, each with events, deadlines and to-dos mixed in with school or club updates?

Worker Bee, Honeycomb’s community AI assistant, extracts dates and details from emails, so you don’t have to. Sync to your personal calendar, and gift your parent crew an always-up-to-date shared calendar!

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How it works:

Step 1:

If you haven’t yet, get Honeycomb and sign in.

Find your most recent school or club email, one with lots of dates, and forward it to your Worker Bee forwarding email. You can find your unique Worker Bee forwarding email in the app.

(Ready to make this long term? Tap here to learn how to auto-forward your emails to Worker Bee.)

Step 2:

When Worker Bee receives a forwarded email, it automatically extracts all dates and their need-to-know details (time, location, links, description) to Honeycomb.

Step 3:

You review and publish the dates and their details to your Honeycomb Calendar.

You can also sync your Honeycomb Calendar to your calendar app to bring the magic to where you manage your schedule (here’s how).

How to get your parent crew on the same page

Honeycomb’s goal is to lessen your parenting workload and build your parenting community.

The Honeycomb Calendar is designed to make it easier to connect and coordinate with other families in your school or club. Not only does Worker Bee help keep it always-up-to-date, but it has chat and reminders built right in –– all to help to reduce the amount of parenting logistics we do in isolation. So do invite other families to join you!

Some final helpful notes for when you’re ready to share Honeycomb with others:

  • Once reviewed, each email and an event summary is made visible to everyone in your community.

  • Did the wrong email get forwarded? Don’t worry: you can delete emails before they are shared with the community (this is part of the review process).

  • Who gets to review emails and AI-extracted dates? Any families from your community who have volunteered to do so. We’re building a way to opt-in to email review right into the app; for now, a family can reach out at to volunteer.